Tuesday, 4 January 2011

A book a week in 2010: Sarah by J T Leroy

What happens when Cherry Vanilla tries to get a bigger Raccoon Penis Bone necklace - a gift and symbol of importance from Glad, the pimp - by visiting Holy Jack's Jackalope, the patron saint of prostitutes?

Claustrophobic and compelling, Sarah is the story of a child born into a life hanging round truck stops who aspires to be the best, but ends up kidnapped by another pimp.

Using a cast full of hateful characters, Leroy recounts in visceral detail the brutal logic and market commerce rules of their world, where strange allegiances are tested by favouritism and betrayals.

Despite all of the squalor and seediness, Leroy is a master of making the extreme matter of fact, and the vile just part of life.

This is one fucked up tale: yet strangely moving and poignant.

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