Sunday, 2 January 2011

A book a week in 2010: The Grey Man by Andy McNab

Kevin is Deputy Manager at a bank in town. He spends his life covering for Mr Symington, the Manager, and daydreaming about how he'd foil a bank robbery.

Linda is Kevin's wife. Even though they don't lead an exciting life, she is happy and content. They are very much in love and will do anything for each other.

Jessica Drake is an actress, well past her prime, playing the lead in Lady Windermere's Fan at the local theatre. She likes to keep her valuables in a bank wherever she stays.

This is a tale of banks, robberies and how far a man will go when pushed.

Written in very clear, straightforward prose, this was an easy read. It won't win any prizes. It isn't complex, highbrow writing. But the mundane life of the characters and childlike writing style - surprisingly - make this entertaining.

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