Thursday, 9 December 2010

A book a week in 2010: The Hairy Plug Monster by Leighroy Marsh & Samuel Perry

I've got to admit, this is one of those cheating books. It's mega short and has helped me get back on track with my target of reading 52 books this year.

But this has extra appeal because there's a story behind how I came to get a copy.

I recently visited my friend Michele back in Cheshire. We were chewing the fat, late at night, wine in hand (no straw, since you ask) and she mentioned one of the parents from school who had written a book for his daughter. She told me how lovely it was. Next morning, as I was about to leave, she placed a copy in my hand.

And I can confirm, it is wonderful. There are beautiful illustrations to go with the story. It's all about the Hairy Plug Monster that lives in pipes under the bath. And Maya who gets to know him. A perfect combination of yuckiness, rhymes and a secret world right under your nose.

If you're struggling to find a gift for any child this Christmas, I wholeheartedly recommend this book. It's charming.

Have a look at sample pages and illustrations here.

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