Wednesday, 2 June 2010

A book a week in 2010: 'Money Magic' by Alvin Hall

Do you know, I've never read a Quick Read? That's a bit of a poor show for someone who's worked in the book industry for 17 odd years (and yes, I am older than I look).

So I've tried to rectify this with the latest in the 'book a week in 2010' series.

Money Magic is one of this year's batch of Quick Reads: short books by top authors designed to encourage reading across a wide range of people.

It's written by Alvin Hall, one of television's higher profile money experts. A staple of breakfast TV and early evening magazine show sofas.

It distills the essence of what he does: simple, commonsense advice on how to manage your money. Most people will have been at a point when they have built up debt across credit cards, overdrafts and loans. Alvin gives you a gentle kick up the backside by suggesting you come to terms with your spending habits, acknowledge the points at which you succumb to temptation and get that bit of plastic out, and put in place some realistic plans to help prevent those situations arising.

It's not rocket science, but it gave me pause for thought as to bad habits I get into and how I ignore them on a daily basis. There is a risk it could come across as preaching, but Alvin manages to (just) avoid this as he speaks from personal experience, having gone through - and survived - extreme levels of debt himself.

All in all, a very timely and accessible Quick Read. I really hope this reaches a wide market. There's plenty of people who could do with this book. Priced at £1.99 , there's no excuse; go get your copy now.

You can listen to a podcast of Alvin Hall discussing Money Magic on the Quick Reads website.

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  1. Glad you're blogging and not out spending money hon. Do I need to read this book?