Tuesday, 16 February 2010

A book a week in 2010: Seth Godin's Purple Cow

"Transform Your Business By Being Remarkable" shouts the sub-title. It's a simple message. One that Godin hammers home. Sparsely laid out page after page.

It's pretty straight-forward. Now we are in the one to one marketing age, you can longer have mediocre products and services or follow your competitors. You have to be unique.

You have to have a purple cow: the new "P" on the block for traditional marketers. Something different, exciting, unique, distinguished. You no longer broadcast or dictate what people buy for any period of time.

Consumers are discerning, demanding and won't stick around long. You need to keep them intrigued, entertained, amused, happy. You have to match and reflect their values.

But understand that the traditional cash cow model no longer works. Once Purple turns to Cash, you need something new. Constant product innovation is essential. R&D restlessness rules. Building change into your business model will keep you ahead of the herd. Mass marketing no longer pays.

This is a short book with a single idea. Godin's is the master of getting to the point. He's also the master of repetition. But maybe keeping it simple and saying it a lot is what business needs.

What's clear in this book is that Godin doesn't think everyone will get it.

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